Helen BrownA good business plan does not start with the deal. It starts with the relationship.

That is the ethos of Bisnis Asia. Most focus on the deal. We know through our experience that an agreement can go wrong because of the communication, or lack of it.Bisnis Asia works with people and companies to help them successfully navigate crucial relationships and be a mentor into an unknown market. We can devise a strategy that includes maintaining key relationships, untangling bad communications and providing market insights, to create a long-term, successful business partnership.

Helen Brown, Bisnis Asia

The Australian way of doing business is seen as straightforward and efficient. Not realising the downsides of that approach can stifle an opportunity.

  • The initial meetings went well … we exchanged emails… and then nothing. The potential business partner didn’t get back to us. they are obviously not interested.
  • The negotiations were going well … then fell down for no explained reason.
  • We hit a problem in-country  … and can’t seem to get past it.
  • My product is amazing … why isn’t the overseas market grabbing at it? 

Indonesia is tipped to become the world’s fourth largest economy by 2050

It is currently number 16 in the G20. The position now is a big change from 20 years ago when it faltered under the Asian financial crisis. It’s also a shift that many outside the country do not realise is taking place. A democracy in transition and its young demographic are dealing with many challenges, including the need for structural reform.  Bisnis Asia can provide briefings on where the country stands now and the important trends to take note of.

Why bother first with relationships?

I would like to recommend the services of Helen Brown and Bisnis Asia.
From my experience in conducting business in Indonesia, assistance from those who understand the culture and provide avenues to access quality contacts and build relationships is invaluable when endeavouring to set up a business in a timely manner.
Helen Brown from Bisnis Asia is able to provide these services and more.  Having worked in Indonesia as a foreign correspondent for the ABC and Australia Network, Helen has access to high level contacts, is a skilled communicator and negotiator, understands the required business and cultural etiquette and speaks fluent BahasaWithout Helen’s assistance, setting up a successful business in Indonesia would ultimately take more time, cost more and businesses run the risk of giving up due to constant hurdles and roadblocks.

Paul Gallo
CEO, PNORS Technology Group

Service packages supporting your next step in your business relationship with Asia


Indonesia Diagnostic

The more knowledge you have going in, the better.  Australia is presented with a narrow view of South-East Asia, and Indonesia in particular. Bisnis Asia provides tailored briefings to your C-Suite or management, providing an insiders guide, and helping make your team better prepared to chart unfamiliar territory.


Executive Meetings

Taking it to the next step.  If your business is about to travel in-country to Indonesia or Australia, or it already has, Bisnis Asia can help explain how to take those first meetings or travel to the next stage. We can liaise on setting up those important meetings, build a schedule that takes local transport realities into account, and advise on the follow-up so that the most impact is gained from the conversations.


Trade Missions

Personal guidance:  When looking to take the business discussions to the next stage or better understand the industry of interest, Bisnis Asia can help organise small trade tours, putting you in touch with potential business partners and travelling in-country to learn more about a complex part of the world. Bisnis Asia can also travel with executives in-country, advise on business etiquette and provide ongoing support to get the most from the time.

The Asialink Business series on Indonesia … State of the Nation attracted strong crowds. 

Helen Brown moderated events in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in late April and early May. These are some of the key points she noted by the panelists.

  • Getting to know the people and the country is super-important.
  • A contract is about a moment in time. It is an ongoing element in a business relationship that needs continual work.
  • Regulations change a lot because Indonesia is evolving.  It is a new democracy and many pressures are at play.
  • Corruption is a concern and there are ways to prevent it.
  • Go in with and open mind and willingness to think differently about how to do business.

Moderating and Speaking

Helen Brown is a frequent public and popular speaker and moderator – for client events, public events, conferences, and association meetings. Helen can put together a compelling and inspiring presentation on a constellation of topics geared to support the goals of the event and add value to the organisation and its leaders.


Helen Brown is both an analyst and commentator for the region, here are some of her recent posts