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Fintech in Indonesia … Australia..?

The rapid change in the fintech space, particularly in a country like Indonesia, is a good example of how a western business mindset will need to adapt if it wants to be a part of the action. The question is where Australia’s know-how and expertise might work in Asian markets...

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Podcast on Australian & Asia

Currently in production are a series of podcasts with experts, colleagues and businesses sharing their experiences about Australia’s engagement with Asia, where is it good, and where it could be better.  We would love to have your thoughts on the important topics that could be covered. For instance, tapping into Asian...

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Post Election Follow Up

The quick counts of the Jakarta Governor election have marked the re-emergence of an elite political force in Indonesia, and shown that religion can be used to swing votes. What this means for Indonesia is likely to play out over the next two years in the lead-up to the presidential...

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The Battle for Jakarta

Anyone doing business in Asia needs to keep across the political undercurrents of the country they are interested in. And at the moment business in Indonesia is keeping a close eye on the tough battle being fought for the position as Governor of Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city.

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Indonesia’s Education Challenge

This first appeared on Australian Outlook, Australian Institute of International Affairs, October 2015 . Of all the many hurdles Indonesia faces in its efforts to develop, education is one core challenge which is vital to address.

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