Meet Brett — a commercial lawyer and an expert in Indonesian culture.

"Ask someone who knows what it's like being a leader facilitator in another country." - Leanne Hughes

In an exclusive interview with Brett McGuire, Workshop Specialist Leanne Hughes gives her advice on taking your first step into Asian markets. 

By Hailey Pham / December 7, 2019

Reimagining your business in Asia

It takes perseverance and nimble thinking for an Australian business to step into an Asian market.  But that’s what the...

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By Hailey Pham / November 9, 2019

Lack of cultural competence is hurting businesses, says Managing Director of LINE Indonesia

We all operate in the culture that we know, and so it is not surprise that people in business go...

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By Hailey Pham / September 11, 2019

What this CEO learnt from walking into a meeting room in Singapore — the surprises and mistakes

Comtest CEO Peter Dwyer thought he was prepared when he entered the Singaporean meeting room expecting one or two people. Almost a...

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By Brett McGuire / June 5, 2019

Food, family, and the fundamentals: establish and sustain business ties through your conversations

Strong business relationships in Indonesia start with strong conversations. Walk into your meeting room knowing what to say and show...

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The basement food hall in one of Jakarta's office buildings.
By / April 23, 2019

Digital Payments = business revolution

Associate Brett McGuire explores the impact of digital technology on the Indonesian market beginning with something as simple as buying...

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By helenbrown10 / November 8, 2018

The Indonesian election & the economy

The lead up to the 2019 Presidential election in Indonesia will prove interesting for many reasons, not the least that...

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By helenbrown10 / June 27, 2018

How to find a business partner with Asia

This was originally published in ANZ Bluenotes blog on June 2018 link here There is a list of actions that...

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By helenbrown10 / February 15, 2018

A Shared Intent Early

It takes commitment and a different kind of mindset to be a part of this global change. It is an...

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By helenbrown10 / October 20, 2017

Fintech Indonesia & Australia

The rapid change in the fintech space, particularly in a country like Indonesia, is a good example of how a...

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By helenbrown10 / April 3, 2017

The Battle for Jakarta 2017

Anyone doing business in Asia needs to keep across the political undercurrents of the country they are interested in. And...

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