Giving you the confidence to do business in Indonesia

Our workshops are designed to help busy managers and executives better navigate a new market and learn how to effectively operate in a different business environment. We want to help you make better decisions for the success of your export strategy, investment or project.

We know from our experience that it can feel like you are working in a vacuum – when what you need is some reassurance and skills that will give value to your plan, whether in the private sector or a government department.

Stepping into a new country is exciting, it is also a daunting. You need to navigate a business culture that is different from your own, understand how to read the signals and determine if you are making progress.

Developing this understanding of Indonesian business culture will help you gain the support of stakeholders and ensure you don’t miss the opportunities available to you and your business.

We can help

Join one of our workshops for people facing the same challenges.

  • Discover how to better “read” situations and save time wondering if there is progress.
  • Learn the skills to communicate effectively and manage a range of scenarios.
  • Be a part of informal and engaging sessions curated specifically to the group’s needs.

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