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When preparing to enter a new overseas market, many businesses overlook a skill that will help them when it comes to reducing frictional cost – the cost of having to deal with unexpected issues that use up time and money. Helen and Brett talk about the our online courses on the skill of cultural capability so that exporters can better sell themselves and their business. 


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Who are our online courses for?

Our online courses have been designed to help companies going into a new overseas market. Consider it if ...
* You have done some business matching, a virtual trade mission or have a new in-country contact.
* You have become aware of the need to develop skills in non-transactional business building. * You are an export professional, or part of a peak industry body keen to help members reach their growth goals.

Asian Export Strategy Professional Coaching

our expert team

Helen Brown

Managing Director,
Bisnis Asia

Former senior ABC journalist Helen Brown uses the insight gained during her time living and working in South-East Asia to help people communicate better and establish stronger business ties. Her experience and knowledge is used to devise effective methods to flourish in overseas markets.

Brett McGuire

Bisnis Asia

Commercial lawyer Brett McGuire has more than a fifteen year’s experience working in Asia. He has worked in both public and private sector organisations, helping foreign entities navigate the environment in Asia and guiding them in managing diverse situations. He has been in Indonesia for a decade.

Professionals sitting around a table at a Bisnis Asia workshop

Do business. Like a local

We saw first-hand that businesses hit problems not imagined when going into a different market. And this was often because they were doing business their way, not the local way.

Applying a way of doing business that is successful in only one market leads to mistakes, wrong assumptions and frustration, which then puts a drain on time and resources.  

We’ve created practical online courses to help you develop strong business relationships that boost your export strategy. Check out our online cultural training courses for Indonesia, Korea and Japan. Or ask us about education for other international markets.

About our online courses


Tailored for market growth and success, the introduction course can include a live mentoring session for individuals, government or industry body export programs.

Ease of use

All modules can be accessed on any device through a web browser. Complete the module in your own time. Each module is approximately 15-30 minutes.

Learn by doing

Training is based on real-life scenarios that first-time and existing exporters are likely to encounter.

Quick results

Designed to ensure participants can apply learning immediately by making small but impactful changes.



Why Bisnis Asia?

Our vision is to give businesses the skills to navigate overseas markets and improve trade by being culturally capable and able to build long-term business relationships.

We’ve worked with industry groups, export professionals and companies to increase the skill of cultural capability. We love working with people who want to shift their mindset to make an impact in another country and learn the practical skills that will progress their objective.


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