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Revamp your plan and work smarter with your overseas business partners.

Capitalise on Bisnis Asia’s experience in interpreting cultural signals in import/export deals between Australia and Asia.

We help you to strengthen business partnerships, negotiate better outcomes and navigate unknown territory.

Bisnis Asia will work with you to reduce the frictional costs in transnational deals and provide the market insight to help your business grow.

Our Team

With a presence in Melbourne and Jakarta, Bisnis Asia works is committed to providing you with insight and knowledge to navigate a an overseas business relationship.

Helen Brown

Managing Director

Former senior ABC journalist Helen Brown uses the insight gained during her time living and working in South-East Asia to teach people to establish stronger business ties. Her experience in communication and research proves an integral tool in devising effective methods to flourish in Asia.

Brett McGuire


Commercial lawyer Brett McGuire has more than a fifteen year’s experience working in Asia. He has worked in  both public and private sector organisations, helping foreign entities navigate the environment in Asia and guiding them in managing diverse situations. He has been in Indonesia for a decade.

Hailey Pham

Media Communications Manager

Journalism student Hailey Pham specialises in multimedia and digital marketing. Having formerly worked at SHOWstudio London, she possesses skills in writing, interviewing, video editing and graphic design. She currently assists with raising awareness for the principles behind Bisnis Asia.

Ika Dastin

Business Development Manager

Former digital marketing consultant Ika Dastin has spent nearly three years working in a cross-cultural environment between East and West or within Asia. Based in Jakarta, she’s currently in charge of the business opportunities for Bisnis Asia, and engaging with businesses wishing to expand to Asia.

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