Who we are

We are on a mission: to improve business ties between Asia and Australia.

We understand how a potential new business arrangement can be derailed at critical stages despite best intentions, and our special focus is to develop Asia and Western business capability so that managers and executives can adapt and maintain the potential.

Our workshops are designed to help busy managers and executives learn new skills and execute their plan more effectively. We want to help you make better decisions for the success of your export strategy, investment or project. 

What we do

Empowering people to work in an Asian business culture.

Bisnis Asia provides workshops which are designed to help busy managers and executives better navigate a new market and learn how to effectively operate in a different business environment.

  • Discover how to better “read” situations and save time wondering if there is progress.
  • Learn the skills to communicate effectively and manage a range of scenarios.
  • Be a part of informal and engaging sessions curated specifically to the group’s needs.