Bisnis Asia

Business strategy for cultural capability between East and West


  • Understand how different cultural norms are driving, or limiting, your opportunity.
  • Empower yourself and your team to deliver on a business strategy.
  • Develop connections and gain the capability to navigate different markets.
  • Reduce frictional costs.

Who we work with

We have developed an interactive online program to further develop and refine skills in cultural capability. We can adjust this to suit an industry, country or organisation.

Our peer-to-peer workshops help build your knowledge of doing business in other countries. Hear from experts and discuss your in-market challenges. Upgrade your cultural capability. Meet and learn and leverage the connections.

Enable your team to navigate a different business culture, align models, share in the vision and progress in-country goals. 


We saw first-hand that business was struggling when going into a different market. 

Mistakes were made, assumptions about the cause of problems were incorrect. And this was often because exporters were not arming themselves with a fundamental tool – understanding the cultural context of the country they were engaging with. 

We design our services based on real-life situations which enable an executive, industry organisation or company to embed the cultural insights that underpin success.

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