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Helen Brown

A good business plan does not start with the deal. It starts with the relationship. Bisnis Asia is your friend in the region, providing ongoing guidance and management of business between Australia and Asia.

Helen Brown, Bisnis Asia

Why bother first with relationships?

I would like to recommend the services of Helen Brown and Bisnis Asia.
From my experience in conducting business in Indonesia, assistance from those who understand the culture and provide avenues to access quality contacts and build relationships is invaluable when endeavouring to set up a business in a timely manner.
Helen Brown from Bisnis Asia is able to provide these services and more.  Having worked in Indonesia as a foreign correspondent for the ABC and Australia Network, Helen has access to high level contacts, is a skilled communicator and negotiator, understands the required business and cultural etiquette and understands the language. Without Helen’s assistance, setting up a successful business in Indonesia would ultimately take more time, cost more and businesses run the risk of giving up due to constant hurdles and roadblocks.

Paul Gallo
CEO, PNORS Technology Group

Service packages supporting your next step



Provide ongoing information and guidance. For business that is considering investment between Australia and Asia we can ensure clear communication between parties to ensure the matters being considered are understood on both sides, knowledge is provided early, and help build the foundations for a long-term business relationship.


Strategy of Engagement

Tailor a communication plan Making the right connections and establishing a trusted relationship is a key to doing business, and we help start, or re-start, the process of learning, connecting and building trust.


Trade Missions

In-Country travel: Preparations and logistics to meet key industry people in-country and provide counsel every step of the way.

Moderating and Speaking

Helen Brown is a frequent public and popular speaker and moderator – for client events, public events, conferences, and association meetings. Helen can put together a compelling and inspiring presentation on a constellation of topics geared to support the goals of the event and add value to the organisation and its leaders.

Conference Moderator: CAUSINDY

“Helen Brown has been a part of the Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth (CAUSINDY) on two occasions, in Jakarta in 2014 and in Bali in 2016. Helen is a skilled moderator and was able to pull together one of CAUSINDY’s most successful discussions at short notice.

Her background in journalism and knowledge of Indonesia mean that she has been able to moderate discussions across a wide range of topics. Helen’s role in CAUSINDY was a great assistance in the broader remit of the conference, which is to bring young leaders of the Australia-Indonesia relationship together, and connect them to current leaders.”

Tim Graham | CAUSINDY Managing Director

Natasha Burrows | CAUSINDY Chief Program Officer.

Guest Speaker: Australian Institute of International Affairs

“Helen Brown has just returned from two months in Jakarta, during the time of the election. With no clear winner, the scene is set for a tough showdown. Helen Brown explained why this situation is worth watching, and what it could mean for Australia’s relationship with Indonesia.”

Conference Chairperson: PEI Agri Investor

“I had the pleasure to work with Helen on PEI’s Agri Investor Australia Forum in Melbourne 2016, in which she worked in the capacity of chairperson. The chairing role is of key importance in terms of building event momentum keeping our audience stimulated and involved.

Helen did a first rate job of engaging with our audience of diverse agri-business professionals and ensuring the smooth running of the conference. As well as having strong communication skills, her in-depth knowledge of the agri business sector ensured there was a good supply of thoughtful questions to speakers and enabled a good flow of discussion throughout the day. She was also a very helpful panel moderator on the day and made sure her panel topic was interesting, informative and thought provoking.  I would highly recommend Helen for any further related work of a similar nature.”

Andrew Wolff | Conference Producer, PEI Media