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We know that international trade to Asian and Middle Eastern countries is valuable for many reasons – it helps drive growth and tap into new opportunities, diversifies revenue and improves operations by having to compete against the best global practice. Boost your international business export strategy by contacting Bisnis Asia.

Learn how to do business like a local

Who we work with:


Industry groups – Give members the cultural tools to maximise their export strategy within an Asian business market.


Business development managers – Build cultural capability in east Asia markets to connect with customers.

CEO / FounderDevelop cultural understanding to navigate critical relationships and deal-making for international businesses.

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Business culture in Asia

Are you planning to do business in the Asian markets or meet new business people or potential partners? Then you must have an excellent understanding of the different Asian business etiquette and cultures.


To thrive in international business today demands an entirely different set of skills than was expected previously. Strong technical know-how is still essential to sell your product or service; communication skills can mean the difference between a successful business relationship and an unsuccessful one.


At Bisnis Asia, we offer businesses the opportunity to develop a strong export strategy and boost business through expert culture communication workshops. Learn from our country experts

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