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Independent, professional, practical.

Guidance on every step in a country with a different culture.

We know that international trade and investment with Southeast Asia is valuable for many reasons – it helps drive growth and tap into new opportunities, diversifies revenue and improves operations by having to compete against the best global practice.


Bisnis Asia will work with you on every step to check whether your plan for doing business in Southeast Asia is realistic to the business culture of the market. We’ll use our knowledge and network to test your plans.


We can ask the hard questions on your behalf and be an independent guide as you decide which direction to go in. Save time and reduce risk.  Boost your international business export strategy by contacting Bisnis Asia.

Succeed by doing business like a local

We work with you on critical steps to do business in a culturally different market.

  • Business connections
  • Communication and meetings
  • Regulations
  • Marketing, client and customer retention
  • Stress testing
Asia markets are dynamic and highly competitive.
Create a plan that includes culture to give your business the advantage; we can guide you on strategic partners.
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Business culture in Asia

Are you planning to do business in the Asian markets or meet new business people or potential partners? Then you must have an excellent understanding of the different Asian business etiquette and cultures.


To thrive in international business today demands an entirely different set of skills than was expected previously. Strong technical know-how is still essential to sell your product or service. But it’s easy to miss the ‘little things’ that can derail your plan. 


We use our knowledge and insight to provide independent, professional and practical advisory.

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Expanding into Asia requires support and strategy.
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