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Business strategy planning between East and West

Bisnis Asia offers services to improve your export capability

  • Adapt to a different culture
  • Empower yourself and your international team to deliver on the business strategy.
  • Gain confidence in a new setting
  • Reduce frictional cost

Online Learning

Bisnis Asia has partnered with AUSVEG, the peak industry body for Australia’s vegetable and potato growers, to develop an online training course. This training course has been developed for existing grower-exporters and aims to improve the capability of these businesses to engage with existing and potential customers in Asia and the Middle East. The course covers a range of considerations in cultural business etiquette across four culturally sensitive export markets, and provides learning in simple but effective skills to help exporters optimise growth opportunities. The course will be run in 2021 covering the following countries: Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and the Middle East.

Bisnis Asia Online Learning
"The workshops helped me in my collaboration with a large Indonesian city administration by alerting me to the different ways in which officials would be communicating with each other which were not obvious to me, and meant that decision-making was taking longer than I had envisaged. This meant I could create a more realistic deadline for a project and better manage stakeholder expectations."
City Government

How Bisnis Asia got its start

We saw first-hand that business was struggling when going into a different market. 

Mistakes were made, assumptions about the cause of problems were incorrect. And this was often because exporters were not arming themselves with a fundamental tool – understanding the cultural context of the country they wished to engage with. 

We design our services based on real-life situations which enable an executive, team or company to navigate a country and embed the cultural insights to succeed.

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