Bisnis Asia


It’s all going ahead with Matthew’s new overseas business connection. The new client is keen about the great product he has for them. 


Then little things start to go wrong … delays not properly explained, messages not returned, requests to shift the scope.  


Matthew is getting frustrated – this should be a straightforward process. And while he is delayed, his competitors are gaining ground. 


Matthew has not learned how to present and market himself in a different culture and this is affecting his chances of success. 


Fortunately he is smart enough to realise he has a problem and gets in touch with Bisnis Asia. 


Bisnis Asia works with Matthew on his communication, presentation and negotiation skills and provides knowledge to give him the edge he needs for a successful overseas market

Two men bowing to each other, Japanese city

Bisnis Asia can give you the skills training and cultural insight to maximise your trade opportunity.

Expert workshops 

  • curated to suit your needs
  • targeted content
  • discussion with country experts
  • interactive and engaging
  • peer learning  

Online modules

  • self-paced learning, time efficient.
  • interactive
  • market specific learning outcomes
  • match the stages of customer interaction

Professional coaching

  • curated strategy sessions 
  • individuals or management teams
  • learn how cultural competency can can boost business planning, trade missions and customer relationships.

Ask us what mix of learning will suit you best

Helen Brown uses her knowledge and expertise to present and facilitate events about international business.


She has worked with the Advance Awards, Austrade, Asialink Business and Global Victoria, and brings more than 20 years experience in curating conversations that will leave your audience engaged and informed.