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In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s crucial to ask the hard questions and address the obvious issues that may be holding back your organisation. From business discussions that go round in circles to reputational and financial damage, the implications are serious.

But creating focus can be a challenging task. We have the experience to facilitate these critical conversations and help you address complex issues in challenging times. With backgrounds in journalism and cross-cultural negotiation we can help across all businesses. Our only agenda is to create clarity.

While technical skills are still important for selling your product or service, communication in how you go about your dealings will get it over the line. Each country in Southeast Asia is different and there are many things that you need to know in order for your business venture to be accepted. Read our case studies to understand how engaging Bisnis Asia’s services can assist you in an overseas market

Case study: Entering a new overseas market

It’s all going ahead with Matthew’s new overseas business connection. The new client is keen about the great product he has for them.


Then little things start to go wrong … delays not properly explained, messages not returned, requests to shift the scope.


Matthew is getting frustrated – this should be a straightforward process. And while he is delayed, his competitors are gaining ground.


Matthew has not learned how to present and market himself in a different culture and this is affecting his chances of success.


Fortunately, he is smart enough to realise he has a problem and gets in touch with Bisnis Asia.


Bisnis Asia works with Matthew on his communication, presentation and negotiation skills and provides knowledge to give him the edge he needs for a successful overseas market.

Two men bowing to each other, Japanese city

Cultural insight training

Etiquette can differ from what is practised back home in western countries. Therefore, it’s important to understand these cultural norms and incorporate them into any interactions we have. Develop cultural awareness before meeting with potential partners and clients in other countries.


Our interactive courses and coaching options can help build a successful export business to maximise your trade opportunities.

Working with the business culture experts at Bisnis Asia will give you a new set of skills, approach and confidence to help advance your business goal or project outcome with Southeast Asia.

Learn how to navigate different cultures

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