Bisnis Asia



Export businesses are facing a number of challenges at this time. 

  • Optimising a new overseas opportunity.
  • Staying connected with customers during travel restrictions.
  • Developing a China-and strategy.
  • Logistical uncertainty.

Learn Bisnis Asia will teach you the skills to help face these challenges and navigate business in Asia. Through mentoring and advisory we provide support and guidance to manage the challenges.

We have a training program to suit your needs

 Online learning

  • self-paced
  • interactive
  • mentoring /coaching with country expert
  • flexible delivery and crafted content

"Bisnis Asia delivered a polished and sharp project for our members who are at different levels of export maturity. "

Michael Coote, CEO, Ausveg

Webinar/face-to-face workshops

  • crafted for your needs
  • targeted content
  • chat with country experts
  • interactive

"Bisnis Asia were an extremely professional and highly skilled organisation that were wonderful to work alongside in our cross-cultural communication workshop."

Megan Williams, Capacity Build Team, RAID
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Personalised coaching & strategy

Team / Executive mentoring

Strategy sessions with individuals or teams on cultural competency and strategy for  business planning, trade missions and customer relations.

"Bisnis Asia helped us better understand the differences across multiple Asian cultures. This helped to validate some things we already knew, but also explained why we had failed in past engagements."

Peter McCluskey, Regional APAC Sales Director, Bluedot
Bisnis Asia Leaders Connect

A place where senior executives and leaders build business knowledge and connections in a target market. 

"The speakers had deep economic and cultural insights gained from firsthand experience, and provided practical examples that gave us a real world view on how to be successful in Indonesia."

Gordon Chakaodza, Head of Vicroads International Commercial Enterprises

Helen Brown offers her expertise in presentation and facilitation on panels for Asia-Australia business events.


She has worked with the Advance Awards, Austrade, Asialink Business and Global Victoria. Helen brings more than 20 years experience in curating interesting conversations, in a broad range of topics, to an event.