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Professional coaching for Asian cultural capability

Learn essential skills and business etiquette for trade in Southeast Asia

Sell your business and yourself better with the aid of cultural capability professional coaching. Reduce the cost of dealing with unexpected and unexplained issues that use your time and money when entering a new international market for your business.

Case study: common mistakes when progressing international deals
Rachel is business development manager for a company that manufacturers organic cereals. The initial virtual meetings with an Indonesian buyer go very well, and she plans a trip to Jakarta to follow up. She makes plans to stay for a night.
Rachel meets the new connection, Mr Anton, in the mid-morning at a busy Jakarta cafe and he is as friendly as ever. Given there is not much time, Rachel starts to discuss how to move a consignment order forward. Mr Anton seems more interested in a general conversation about her and the company.
A few hours later, Rachel receives a text message asking if she could meet some of Mr Anton's colleagues tomorrow. But she has to apologise that she's about to fly out to Thailand, and would be happy to set up a virtual meeting instead.
From then on, the communication is much less. Rachel is frustrated and confused. She does not realise that she has failed to make Mr Anton feel reassured that the business relationship is worth developing.
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Our professional export coaches conduct a preliminary consultation to understand the goals and needs of your business. Then we assess your business’ current cultural capability for the market you are in (or wish to enter). Once we determine your current state, we work with your business and staff to help you do business like a local.

Our professional cultural awareness coaching package includes:

  • Preliminary assessment of cultural capability & business goals
  • Practice session for business meetings
  • Customised learning tools
  • Attendance at client events  
  • Advisory feedback in areas for potential improvement
  • Weekly meetings & checkpoints

Who is professional coaching for?

Designed for business people who:

  • want to ensure they are culturally sensitive to put their best foot forward.
  • want to have a high standard of professionalism operating between two or more cultures
  • want guidance on how to build trust and relationships with overseas clients.