Bisnis Asia

Training programs to do business in Indonesia, Japan and South Korea successfully

Interactive face-to-face, virtual and online group workshops and training to grow your business in Asian countries

Our interactive courses, group workshops and professional coaching options will help you build successful export business relationships with other countries such as Indonesia, South Korea, and Japan. Our experienced trade professionals will improve your cultural competency to communicate abroad.

Learn useful strategies for international trade, such as how your body language is interpreted in another culture.

Bringing people together to learn how to navigate a different culture

  • Do you need people to learn how to operate and differentiate themselves in a new international market?
  • Is your company ready to conduct international business in a different culture?
  • Could a deal or project unravel because people are not trained in cultural competency at your organisation?
Photo showing Korea expert in front of a room with business people

Tailored business culture training group workshops

We are passionate about tailoring Asian cultural training to your industry. Make sure you and your team know how to build relationships and sell your business services within the Asian market successfully. Speak with a Bisnis Asia country expert to discuss how to navigate overseas environments to sell your business services successfully. 


Cultural competency training includes:

  • One-hour curated session with one of our country experts on the business culture of your market of interest.
  • Detailed explanation of how to approach communication, negotiation and agreement.
  • Tailored resources e.g. articles and/or videos that explain cultural topics.
  • Interactive activities based on real-life business scenarios.
  • Peer learning, self-assessment and a custom report.
  • Training component for your staff easily integrated into your export program.

Navigate different cultures with ease

If you need to learn how to operate and differentiate yourself in a new international market, then our customised training approach will be beneficial. Gain an understanding into the international business market in a different culture to secure an important deal or project.

Improve your understanding of Asian business culture and etiquette to operate in new markets