Bisnis Asia

Expert workshops

We love crafting and running our workshops to give people insight they can apply to their own business situation, learn from country experts and work with peers. 

Bringing people together to learn how to navigate a different culture

  • Do you need people to learn how to operate and differentiate themselves in a new market?
  • Can your group conduct international business in a different culture?
  • Could a deal or project unravel because people are not trained in cultural competency?
Photo showing Korea expert in front of a room with business people

By the end of our training you'll have a new approach and confidence to help advance a business goal or project outcome.

What we’ll create for you

  • A minimum one hour curated session with a country expert on the business culture of your market of interest and how it differs in terms of communication, negotiation and agreement
  • Pre-session tailored resources e.g. articles and/or videos
  • Interactive activities based on real-life business scenarios
  • Peer learning, self-assessment and your report
  • A training component easily integrated into your export program
  • Recommendation for future training (weak points)

We deliver interactive sessions that can be a mix of face-to-face, virtual and online.

"The session established an understanding of how to develop a different mindset in relation to cultural differences and subconsciously how culture can drive our behaviours. Brett enabled great reflection for participants to challenge how their personal culture may effect their behaviours."

Megan Williams, QLD representative, RAID Network

"Bisnis Asia helped us better understand the differences across multiple Asian cultures. This helped to validate some things we already knew, but also explained why we had failed in past engagements."

Peter McCluskey, Regional APAC Sales Director, Bluedot