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About Us

We are passionate about improving export strategy and overseas trade

We work with individuals and groups so that they can put their best food forward when managing export deals and be adapt to challenges caused by cultural differences.

We train export professionals with the right skills and mindset to do business in an international market for instance Indonesia, South Korea, and Japan.

Our Team

With a presence in Melbourne and Jakarta, Bisnis Asia is committed to providing you with insight and knowledge to navigate an overseas business relationship.

Helen Brown

Founder & Managing Director

Former senior ABC journalist Helen Brown uses the insight gained during her time living and working in Indonesia to teach people to establish stronger business ties. Her experience in communication and research proves an integral tool in devising effective methods to flourish in Asia.

Brett McGuire


Commercial lawyer Brett McGuire has more than a fifteen year’s experience working in Asia. He has worked in public and private sector organisations, helping foreign entities navigate the environment in Asia and guiding them in managing diverse situations. He has been in Indonesia for a decade.

Ika Dastin

Business Development Manager

Former digital marketing consultant Ika Dastin has spent nearly three years working in a cross-cultural environment between East and West or within Asia. Based in Jakarta, she’s currently in charge of the business opportunities for Bisnis Asia, and engaging with businesses wishing to expand to Asia.

Joji Imabayashi

Japan Expert

Joji-san has ten years of experience working between the business cultures of Japan and Australia. His experience in the agribusiness sector includes a collaboration between MITSUBISHI Chemical and the Victorian Government on Japanese vegetable productio, and technical lead in a strawberry project. Joji-san is currently an agribusiness researcher for Innoplex, Tokyo, since 2011.

Kim Sung Hak

South Korea Expert

Kim Sung Hak brings 30 years experience of living in Australia and introducing it to South Korea, and vice-versa! He helps us understand the mix of old traditions and a modern business mindset. Mr Kim is a business owner, and chairman of the World Federation of Overseas Korean Traders Association

Dirk Geleit

Middle East Expert

With over 25 years of industry experience in the meat industry Dirk understands the red meat import and export process thoroughly. An Ausmeat accredited butcher by trade and a QA specialist, coupled with his operations experience as boning room manager and later as sales manager for both domestic and export markets, he can advise on all aspects of the red meat production and export process. Dirk is responsible for all aspects of Meat Tender’s global business and is actively involved in production planning, export sales and logistics.

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