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We adopt a long term view and commitment to every project

At Bisnis Asia we work with you on unlocking better decision making through independent facilitation. Our focus is to help you find clarity. Our country experts have on-the-ground experience in Southeast Asia and can assist you to consider the elements of your strategy.

Bring us in to test your approach, ask the hard questions and guide your path.


For many companies wanting to do business in Southeast Asia, it is easy to imagine that as long as you have complete market research and the right product and contracts, your strategy should be assured. But it’s not as straightforward as it seems.

Use our network and insight to reach your goals

Bisnis Asia Team

With a presence in Melbourne and Jakarta, Bisnis Asia is committed to providing you with insight and knowledge to navigate an overseas business relationship.

Helen Brown

Founder & Managing Director

Former senior ABC journalist Helen Brown uses the insight gained during her time living and working in Indonesia to help businesses establish a stronger footing. Her skills in communication and asking tough questions are effective tools in devising strategy to flourish in Southeast Asia.

Brett McGuire


Corporate lawyer Brett McGuire has more than a fifteen year’s experience working in Asia. He has worked in public and private sector organisations, helping foreign entities navigate the environment in Asia and guiding them in managing diverse situations. Brett is based in Indonesia.

Rob Osborne

Vietnam expert

Former Chief Executive Officer for the Adra Group, Rob has extensive experience in setting up manufacturing operations in Vietnam. 

His success in that country came from a willingness to learn, adapt and respect the local business culture while also fulfilling the operational requirements of a western  business.

Rob’s insight into Vietnam can provide comfort and manage risk.

Gemma Guerrero

Philippines expert 

Ms Guerrero is currently the CEO of fintech company JustPay and has strong insight into the digital trends that are helping drive strong economic growth in the Philippines. 


Ms Guerrero has extensive international business experience in executive roles and understands the challenges faced by companies when they want to grow business in Asian countries. 

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