Our Approach

We believe that a good business plan doesn't start with the deal; it starts with building the wires of communication and relationships.

We help inbound investors understand the Australian business culture and lifestyle. And we work with people who are committed to business in Asia on how to navigate through an uncertain market.

Bisnis Asia is there from the start - to help reduce the risks, provide useful information and be a friend to your business vision.

Meet the Team

Bisnis Asia has a network of professionals that it taps into to provide independent advice. It's overseen by a commitment to build trust and genuine relationships.

Managing Director
Bisnis Asia

Helen Brown

Founder & Managing Director

Helen Brown stepped away from a life-long career in journalism, including 20 years at Australia's national broadcaster,  to concentrate on helping bring business closer together. She uses the insight gained during her time living and working in South East Asia, along with her skills in communication and research.

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