Bisnis Asia

WEBINAR: Innovation in logistics and supply chain, Indonesia and Australia

31 May 2022 | By Helen Brown

Having a trusted provider of logistical services has emerged as a critical need for export companies following two years of pandemic disruption and uncertainty.


Challenges will likely remain for 2022, but on the upside the pandemic has people and companies finding new ways to adapt and streamline digital processes.


In this webinar we talk to an Australian food exporter who has created their own digital solution with big logistic operators, and an Indonesian start-up that is forcing more transparency and options for people who want to move goods across domestic and international borders.


“We are seeing changes and we’re seeing changes for the better, it is a fast paced and fast paced within the Indonesia market.” 

Melissa Malatesta, Ausfine


Bisnis Asia is pleased to have collaborated with the Indonesian digital logistics company Shipper for a discussion on –

  • The logistics and supply chain landscape in Indonesia
  • How an Australian company grew its business into Indonesia three-fold.
  • The rise of digital solutions for large and small businesses
  • Indonesia’s business culture and the dynamics of culture on the logistics landscape

Watch the full webinar here