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Bellamy's Organic CEO on global growth and cultural mindset

10 October 2022 | By Helen Brown

Bellamy Organic CEO on global growth.


In this episode we talk to the CEO of Bellamy Organic, Tarsi Luo.


She took the role in 2020 and in the process became something unusual in Australian, and even western, business. She’s young, under 40, female, and a CEO of Asian heritage.


Bellamy’s currently trades in four countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. It’s best known for its baby formula, but the company also produces baby cereal, savoury meals and snacks. Tarsi Luo has plans to build on this through global growth and says you can’t just go in and sell food and beverages in Asia without understanding the culture.


In addition, Tarsi Luo also shares her thought on e-commerce, the value of Halal certification, and the laser focus she puts into new overseas market.


Discussed in this episode:

  • The impact of having cross-cultural skill to understand consumer behavior .
  • How can western businesses develop cultural competency?
  • How well equipped western businesses to get growth from market in Asia?
  • Building a global-mindset and strategy team.

Book mentioned in this episode:

Good to the Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t by Jim Collins.

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