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Doing business in Vietnam; using business etiquette to grow your business in Asia

01 May 2023 | By Helen Brown

Doing business in Vietnam is different to doing business in other Asian countries.


The vibrant and growing nation is looking for investment and business opportunities that align with its aspirations. But doing business in Vietnam has to be done the right way to grow your business in Asia successfully.

For many Vietnam is a China plus one diversification strategy, but the business culture is very different and if you’re interested in doing business in Vietnam then now’s the time to consider the local business etiquette and how that affects your planning.

It has a young and aspirational workforce and a government that has signed several trade agreements to make doing business in Vietnam smoother. This includes the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement and the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). Regions can differ in how they approach regulation and relationship building.

This podcast is from a short, live webinar session with  Christopher Morley, Trade Commissioner Designate to Hanoi with Austrade, Simon Fraser, the CEO of Auscham Vietnam and Robert Osborn, the CEO of Adra Group which has operations in Vietnam. The podcast is hosted by Helen Brown from Bisnis Asia.



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