Bisnis Asia

The west and its uncomfortable business with Asia

28 March 2019 | By Helen Brown

Companies that want to tap into Asia markets can find it uncomfortable business. 


They see the potential of not just China but countries such as India in south Asia and Indonesia and Vietnam in Southeast Asia, but going in can soon turn into uncomfortable business. 

Complex markets which have different structures based on their culture require a different mindset and a higher level of resourcing to break into. For many businesses this just seems too hard and in this episode we ask why and provide some ideas on the change that is needed for doing business in Asia with success. 

Guests: Div Pillay, Mind Tribes, Megan Mulia, Asialink Business and Sam Bell, The Institute of Managers and Leaders.  Presenter: Helen Brown


“It is not necessarily which market to go into. If you want to take an Australian company and get it successfully into some of these markets in Asia, how do you transform them? You need to develop a totally different thinking and a global mindset.”  Michael Cannon-Brookes snr